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General Safety Tips:

Before you get into a taxi or private hire vehicle, there are a few simple do's and don'ts that you should follow:


  • Plan your journey in advance.
  • Make sure your driver knows the details of your journey.
  • Ask to see the driver's badge.
  • Sit in the rear of the vehicle.
  • Report any problems to our main office on 01483 777 777 or contact Woking Borough Council on 01483 755 855 or e-mail Licensing@Woking.gov.uk.


  • Use a vehicle licensed by another borough, unless you've specifically booked it.
  • Get into an unlicensed vehicle.
  • Get in if you have any doubts.


Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

Taxis and Private Hire vehicles are a convenient, comfortable and safe way to travel in and around the Borough of Woking. However it is important to take sensible precautions when getting into a cab. 


There are two types of licensed vehicle in Woking, a Hackney Carriage (Taxi) and Private Hire Vehicles. Hackney carriges can be hailed on the street or picked up at a taxi rank. While a private hire vehicle can only be pre-booked with an operator.

Hackney Carriages

A Hackney Carriage, or Taxi can be flagged down or hired at any taxi rank within the Woking Borough. You can hail Hackney Carriages, as they are legally able to pick you up unlike Private Hire Vehicles.

Hackney Carriages must:

  • Display a WHITE license plate on the rear of the vehicle and in their front windscreen.
  • Have an illuminated 'Taxi' sign on the roof.
  • Display a fare chart inside the vehicle.
  • Use a fare meter.

Things you should do:

  • Check the vehicles white plates before you get in.
  • Make sure the vehicle has an illuminated 'Taxi' light on the roof.
  • Make sure the meter is running.

Things you shouldn't do:

  • Forget you can set a price or negotiate the fee on the meter.
  • Forget there are designated ranks where Hackney Carriages wait.

Private Hire Vehicles

A Private Hire Vehicle is allowed to operate on a private hire basis (pre-booked work) within Woking Borough.

Private Hire Vehicles must:

  • Display a yellow license plate on the rear of the vehicle and in the front windscreen.
  • Display operator signs on the doors.
  • Not display the words 'taxi', 'cab' or 'for hire', or give the impression that they are a licensed Hackney Carriage.

Things you should do:

  •  Only pre-book by telephone, website, or by visiting the operator's premises.
  • Agree on the price before the start of the journey.
  • Check the vehicles yellow plates before you get in the vehicle.
  • Remember 'no booking, no insurance'.

Things you shouldn't do:

  • Flag down a Private Hire Vehicle as it is illegal for them to transport you without an advanced booking.
  • Allow the driver to book your job over the radio - this is still illegal.


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